Thursday, 21 June 2007



Apart from my Crazyhaberdasher blog, which deals mainly with my sewing collection, I plan to post here newly created sewing items I have made and will sell - for instance, sewing stands, scissor holders, thimble holders, needlebooks, pinwheels, etc.....all for needlework.

The items will be made with a vintage flair and so they can be enjoyed in their new splendor. I am currently working on Crinoline Ladies sewing stands for thimble and cotton reels (spools).
You will see my sewing stand above which I made and painted some time ago. The new stands will be the same pattern but the painting will be a little different (colour and dress design). The stand has three taller dowels for cottons and a smaller one for the thimble.

Please watch this space for the new stands to come............