Saturday, 8 August 2009

Six Ribbons


It seems that this blog has yet
to really get off the ground -
for the past three years
(two at previous house and
one at "now" house) there
has been lots of renovating.
For most of the time, my
collections and wood work
have been packed or just plain
underneath so many other know it is a
juggling act, moving one thing and
another to get to another area.
At present it is the kitchen's turn
and going for a completely new
look. From the floor tiles, new
cupboards, new major appliances
to painted walls and adding new
wall tiles and as well as a new
kitchen sink. A lot of areas are
closed off due to a lot of dust from
ripping up tiles - a temporary kitchen
is in our laundry (which will probably be
the next room to do). As to when it all
will be complete is anybody's guess.

The original intention of this blog
was to showcase my sewing accessories
for sale, having started with a crinoline
lady sewing stand. I sold all of them and
would like to do more eventually, and
there will be other sewing items made

I actually have five blogs, "Spool Knitter"
has been getting more attention than
the others, followed by "Crazyhaberdasher",
"Knittingbee" and the last two - the very
"havenotion" and a newbie (don't ask me
why I started another one! ... I guess I thought
I would have time to do some sewing!)
I also have a Spool Knitter group on
Flickr which currently has 84 members
worldwide (who would have thought it?)
and gets quite some action!

Now after all of this, to the subject
for this posting.

Beautiful shiny, satiny, colourful
glorious ribbons!

An essential in any Haberdashery store.
From babies and tots, to young misses
and not-so-young misses!
From hats and bonnets, to hair accessories and
dress trims.

1978, in the land of Oz there
was a TV mini-series -
called "Against the Wind"
(about the lives of convicts in
early years of Australian settlement)
from which came a beautiful song
called Six Ribbons (written
by Jon English and Mario Millo
and sung by Jon English).

You can listen to it here -

Six Ribbons


Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cotton Spools

Vintage cotton spools are really so cool!
Besides being made of wood, they
also have great advertising labels
on them.

Empty spools have been used in
many different ways - especially as
toys for children.

The spoolknitter or Knitting Nancy
could be a popular choice.

They could also be made
into jewellery, or
Christmas decorations.

What have you made using spools?


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Beutron Buttons Ad

Beautiful buttons from the 1950's!

Do you love buttons?
Are you a Button Floozie?
There is a website just for you


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A Little Look at Real Silk

Milady Hosiery Service Kit
(circa 1930's)
from Real Silk Hosiery Mills, Inc.
Indiannapolis, Ind.

Real Silk Company was founded in 1922
by J.A. and L.L. Goodman.
The company ran knitting mills which
manufacture hosiery, lingerie, and underwear.
At its peak, the company's sales volume
averaged more than 1 million dozen pairs
of women's hosiery a year.


The original purpose of this
blog was to showcase and perhaps
sell sewing items that I have
Due to many circumstances
this has become impossible this
After moving house and after
Christmas 2008, the production
should be able to continue in
the New Year - but until
then, I will show you
some of the vintage
notions that I have amongst my
sewing collection.
While my blog "crazyhaberdasher"
is also about the vintage sewing
collection, on "haveanotion" I will
show you "another side" of the collection.
Please do remember that the posts
wont always be as frequent as they
should be due to moving house.

Sunday, 23 December 2007


So many hold-ups this year with inability to
work in the workroom being due to
ongoing renovations, I am hoping that
the New Year will bring a lot of
changes, and that work will
be able to resume as promised.

Merry Christmas to all!